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Before we get the actual tools, we want to show you how to use these tools effectively. Here are some of the potential for collaborative programs: You can transfer individual files to a group folder, or you can have one large file with multiple writers. You can’t catch every aspect of the lecture. Someone can fill in the blanks. The general access to the notes ensures that the entire group is prepared for the upcoming assignments/lectures. If you cannot meet in the same location, you can retrieve documents in one place. You can send documents to your colleagues so that you can view and modify them. This will give you a valuable feedback before sending the destination. Do you want your parents to see your college essay washer? Just share it with the collaboration tool! This bypasses the hash address of the e-mail If you don’t understand anything in class, you can cooperate with your colleagues. You can also contact the professor or cursor if this is enabled. If you understand the material well, help others who have questions. You’re all together. Make one person who is responsible for scanning the documents of the class on the computer every week. Make these scans common to the group so you can have a digital copy. Alternate each week to minimize the workload. If you are hundreds of miles away from your colleagues, you can talk to them “face to face.” is a free file sharing system. It can be used to store backup copies of your classes. There is a desktop version of the DropBox that you can download to your computer. To upload a file, simply put it in a folder. It will automatically back up to your online account. You can also access your Internet account so that you can use it anywhere. You can select who will view or edit each document. Create folders for different classes for peer-to-peer sharing. Create folders to share with friends. You can edit Microsoft Word documents directly on the site and save changes in real time. Obtain a paid version of DropBox if you need more memory. Most college students need a free account is a free messaging system that allows you to call on your phone or video. It can be used to exchange text messages, but in most cases it is used for video chats. Skype is free, but it works better with a webcam. Fortunately, most laptops have built-in webcams. You can use Skype to talk to colleagues about group projects. Set up a conference or get a group message. Skype works on mobile devices if a group member cannot be on your computer. Share files with DropBox, Google Docs, or other collaborative tools. Then use Skype to talk about the files instead of typing them in the chat room. You can also use this opportunity to communicate with friends and family members from around the world. Many students use Skype remains attached during training abroad is a free, interactive, Google-based collaborative tool. You can share content with colleagues and modify them anywhere.  If more than one employee works with the same document, Google displays the cursor of each user. You can see who reacts every component at any time. You control who has access to the document and who has permission to modify it. There are several services in Google Docs: Text documents similar to Microsoft Word files. Spreadsheets similar to Microsoft Excel documents Screen shows similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Do you see a pattern here? Google Docs is actually Microsoft Office services that you can use to connect to the network free of charge. You can even transfer Word files to Docs using the Chrome extension or application. This is the ideal place for college students who often use MS Word. Google Docs also has a chat service. You can chat with your colleagues when you search for a document. Ask questions, comment out, or send reminders for group assignments. The whole project is being implemented in one place. The best changes to Google Docs are automatically saved. So you don’t have to worry about losing your hard work. is a separate program that can work hand in hand with Docs. A disk is a cloud-based storage system that can be used to back up files. Upload files to a folder. Then share this folder with peers. Google allows you and your team to upload images, documents, videos, spreadsheets, and more. is a combination of Messenger and Skype. You can work with students through messages, voice calls, and video. Google records text conversations so that you can view them in the future. Many teachers use Google Hangouts for virtual lectures and group chats Avoid using Snapchat to work together in college because messages are not stored. You want something you can look at later. You can use other free collaboration tools for students. Just make sure you have completed the class membership requirements. If you want Google Docs to be better for group projects, use it! If you want to work with Dropbox, use it. Check your options to find the most effective solution for you